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Our Farm

From our family farm to your beautiful skin. Open your pottle and Inhale. Smell that? Thats the smell of our gardens and our honey house. They smell like this every day. We're inviting you behind the scenes on the farm to learn about our unique formulation process and small batch production. For freshness sake. 

100% New Zealand Made & Owned | 100% Pure | No Synthetics | No Preservatives | 100% Recyclable 

The Worker Bees

The Forgotten Garden comes from gardeners and beekeepers, mothers and daughters who work to make a better world for their children.

As a keen herbalist and a talented gardener, Karlene our founder has always been aware of the tenuous thread by which so much of our herbs and medicinal plants cling to their existence. We have formulated a botanical based skincare range for woman who are active, healthy and love to look after themselves with plant based products made from nourishing ingredients. Our products are simple, effective and easy to add to your daily ritual.

In our honey house Karlene and Kyra hand blend the highest quality ingredients from around the world, in small batches to help you live your healthiest and fullest life.

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Every hive must have their queen, here at Earthbound Karlene is our Queen and the founder of The Forgotten Garden.

My Story

My love of botanicals came from both of my grandmothers who inspired me to appreciate the simple garden and enjoy the bounty of nature. Their knowledge of holistic and herbal remedies were pasted down through toiling in their gardens. They taught me, everything we need, exists within nature. A sentiment that has been lost in our modern busy world. 

The garden is a cultivation of herbs and plants to help nurture and nourish your mind and body. Knowledge that was taught to them by their mothers and will be taught to our grandchildren. Over the centuries the healing properties of plants and herbs has not changed, but much of the knowledge has now been lost or forgotten.

The Forgotten Garden pays homage to their belief and peers back through history, harvesting only those herbs and plants that have stood the test of time. We have created a luxurious botanical skincare range that is totally plant based and therapeutic for mind and body. Giving you a small slice of our ancestral gardens to nourish your body and feel good about the botanical ingredients inside. Each chosen ingredient helps to nourish and enhance your skins natural beauty. Our choice of essential oils for our range of soaps, balms and moisturisers that not only harness the powers of medicinal herbs but assist the body to revive its self and heal.

From the garden, I have learned that beauty is self-care, a flower can only bloom after proper love and nourishment. Self-care is a conscious choice to learn about your body and each stage of growth. I have learnt, as each plant is unique, so is our skin. I want to inspire you to discover your individual beauty and bloom from the inside out. Inspire your daily ritual to care and love the skin your in.

This is made for all the gardeners, beekeepers, mothers, daughters, herbalists, witches, and everyone who simply wants the best for their skin and the earth. 

Love xxx