How We Do It

Sustainable artisan beekeepers. 


At Earthbound Honey our emphasis is on the quality of the raw, natural honey we produce, rather than the quantity. This also extends to our harvesting and packaging processes. Earthbound Honey is harvested by hand once and sometimes times twice during the honey season and promptly packed into drums and stored. Although we are not certified, we do follow organic practice where possible.


Although all our honey is filtered, this process is designed to only remove bees and excess wax – leaving pure raw natural honey. We process our honey this way to ensure the wax, pollens, trace minerals and complex sugars that occur naturally in the honey are never compromised.

All of our honey is independently laboratory tested to ensure we only produce the finest honey. Earthbound Honey is never heat-treated or pasteurised.


When you purchase a jar of our honey, you will notice that our packaging reflects our commitment to quality. No plastic here! (unless specified)  We use only glass jars and bottles. Even our label design is simple. This means you know you are paying only for the honey – not excessive packaging and printing. So what does all this mean to you? It means that you can trust our honey is “as good as nature intended”.

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