Beekeeper for a Day

Earthbound Honey



$150 per person (minimum of 2)

Have you ever considered what it takes or what it would be like to become a beekeeper? Are you or a family member thinking about purchasing a beehive and wondering where you could take a look inside a beehive to see if its for you? Beekeeper for a day taster course is a basic beekeeping course for people who have never been around or handled live bees.

You will get to tag along side Father and Son beekeeping team at Earthbound and ask any questions you have before you taking the plunge and buying expensive beekeeping tools and equipment and bees.

The topics we cover are:

Safety First – personal protective equipment and bee stings.
Legislation – what you need to know about complying with beekeeping bio-security requirements.
The Beekeepers tools and equipment – smokers, hive tools, beehive parts. Everything you will need and where to get it.
Hands on experience – open a beehive and handle live bees. Find the queen and observe the life cycle of honeybees.

    Contact us to book a tasting here at Earthbound, please include dates and times. Email with your details. 

    Bookings can be made from 1 year to 2 weeks in advance. All booking must be booked and pre-paid at least one week in advance. For tour groups larger than 6 people please contact us 027 612 3590 or email

    Cancellation and change of date: Tours are refundable 7 days before your tour and if you need to reschedule we can book another date that is suitable. If you cancel the tour within 7 days unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or change of date.


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